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  • Stacey Delikat

The Big Idea: cable clutter be gone!

Reporters have a lot to carry to work everyday. We're always on the go and we need notepads, our press passes, makeup, hairspray, snacks earpieces, and CHARGERS! Personally I always have at least three on me, my iPhone charger, the car-iPhone charger for those long rides out to breaking news, and my iPad charger and they all tangle up into a nest of cables. So when I heard that a future with WIRELESS charging was within reach, I wanted to find out more.

Earlier this fall I made the trip up to Watertown, Massachusetts to see how it all works. The concept is what we at Fox 5 call a "Big Idea"- something that has the potential to change how we all do things every day. This story was part of a series nominated for a 2015 New York regional Emmy Award.

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