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  • Stacey Delikat

Dog DNA testing, Puppy "Pawties," Pet Acupuncture & More

For summer, I thought it would be fun to lighten things up and dig into one of my favorite topics: dogs. Anyone in the TV news biz will tell you: animal stories sell! I'd already had a lot of fun and gotten great response to my piece on the Business of Celebrity Dogs (ie how dogs with big Instagram followings are pulling in some nice income for their owners), so I decided to take it to the next level: my very own segment 'Kat & Dog (get it?).

Especially in New York, we spend a ton on our beloved four-legged friends; whether on fancy food, kitschy outfits, pampering or healthcare. We also always want to know what they're really thinking and how we can best take care of them.

Over the course of four segments I've delved into the lighter stuff ($1500 professionally-planned pet "Pawty" for your two-year-old Doodle anyone?) and the scientific (Canine Cognition is a real academic field!). In the first segment I interviewed renowned cognitive scientist Brian Hare of Duke University about "Dognition," a series of games he devised to help you read your pet's personality. I also looked into Dog DNA testing, and why it's becoming so popular. Not only can we find out our dog's breed-mix (which you may not have any idea of if you adopt from a shelter), but new tests can tell you what health conditions your dog is pre-disposed to.

And then there are on-demand, human-grade, gourmet quinoa-beef meatballs and basil truffle treats delivered to your door for Fido, and Summer "Pawties" featuring "Barkaritas," "Pupcakes," and of course "Doggy Bags." Kick up your paws and enjoy...

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