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  • Stacey Delikat

Climate & Consequence

- We're 12 years away from a climate catastrophe if we don't make significant changes.

- By 2050 there will be more plastic in oceans than fish.

- Global warming is a massive threat to our economy and quality of life.

The statistics and headlines are alarming, to say the least. Climate change is a massive problem that affects all of us, but is often an afterthought in this day and age of the 60-second news cycle.

My new series will seek to take a look at what is in our city and local communities to make a difference? What are our local and state leaders doing to address the issues? What changes can New Yorkers and people in the Tri-State area make in their every day lives that, collectively, could make a difference?

So far I've started to look at the Plastics Problem that is, literally, overwhelming our waters:

Also, we stopped by New York City's first "Package Free" grocery store aimed at helping NYers produce less waste.

And, does composting really make a difference?

Much more to come! Including a close look at how recycling is becoming more difficult than ever, and a look at the "Green New Deal" new lawmakers are promising in 2019.

Email me if you have ideas!

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